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Current ways to Work with me

Lately, my inner feminine has been running the show; encouraging me to drop the more masculine-style of structured containers that I've created so easily in the past. The way I get to support people now is by custom-creating divinely-aligned offers for each individual that enters my space.


1:1 Intuitive Healing & Mentorship
In a custom-channeled container, catered to your individual needs & desires

What to Expect

The way we begin our time together will be on a complimentary connection call. During this time, I can get a feel for where you're at on your journey of self-mastery and spirituality, and hear about where you'd like to be. It gives me the opportunity to share more deeply about what my sessions with you will look like, and enables us to feel into the flow of our energies working together.

If it feels aligned to move forward from there, the next step will be setting up your Starter Session; a discounted, 60-75 minute session, where we dive deep into your inner world, allowing your Higher Self to guide us to the root causes of various issues for clarity & energetic release. Towards the end of this session, I will channel in exactly what will serve you for your highest and greatest good in regards to your personalized container. This may look like 4 sessions over the course of a month, or it may look like 12 sessions over the course of 6 months plus Voxer voice & message support; everyone's needs are different at the time they find me. Whatever tools are a part of the container will arise in realtime during the duration of our time together and these are also personalized and catered to your individual needs. Below is a sample of what a container with me can look like.

Sample Container

➳ 3 Sessions (60-75 mins; 2 weeks on, one week off, final week on)

➳ Video call recordings & detailed session notes

➳ 4 Weeks of Voxer Support

➳ Channeled tools & exercises

Sample investment: $888

Sample Payment Plan

➳ Pay in full

➳ 2 monthly installments $444

Feeling Curious? Here are the next steps.

If you're ready to chat and see if working together feels aligned, then I invite you to schedule your complimentary connection call via the button below! We will discuss your hopes and intentions, my work, and all other details then. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Tell me more


An intimate, 3-month container for couples who wish to uplevel their sense of self and embrace deeper intimacy while learning to communicate more consciously

What to Expect

 4 Couples' Sessions

➳ 3 One-on-one sessions (Partner 1)

➳ 3 One-on-one sessions (Partner 2)

➳ Video call recordings & detailed session notes

➳ 3 months of Voxer voice & message support for continued mentorship outside of video calls

➳ Channeled tools, exercises & rituals

During this 3-month journey, you and your partner will learn the importance of true intimacy and what that looks and feels like. We will explore core wounds that are undoubtably at the root of any on-going or repeat issues that you may be experiencing in your space together, and unpack them in our 1:1 sessions. I will create a safe and sacred space, offering the opportunity for true vulnerability in your partnership, which inevitably deepens your intimacy. You will be given intimacy practices and tools to utilize on your own; both individually and together, as you begin to become more self-aware and open. Through the Voxer support, you will have mentorship in real-time, as needed. This is an incredible opportunity to deepen your love & connection!

Total Investment: $3,330

Payment Options:

➳ Pay in Full (save $222)

➳ 2 Monthly Installments of $1,665

➳ 4 Monthly Installments of $832.50

➳ 6 Bi-weekly Installments of $555

Ready to Ignite? Here are the next steps.

If you are feeling the intuitive pull to deep dive into this container with your partner- YAY! It's a transformational opportunity for you both as individuals and as a couple. I request that you schedule a complimentary connection call via the button below that you can both be present for, so that we may connect a bit before moving forward together into this sacred space. If you can't find a workable time on my calendar, please email me at & we will find a time that works for us all. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Image by Sinitta Leunen

What the Benefits of Working Together might look like

While the overall intention of our work varies from person to person, or couple to couple, I strive to support all of my clients in feeling empowered, authentically aligned, lighter, more free, more self-aware, and more connected to their own intuitive wisdom.

You may feel less haunted by any unhealed trauma, you may experience physical relief from issues you've been having, and you will likely have a heightened awareness of where you are self-sabotaging and giving away your power.

You may feel more clearly what your higher purpose in life is, and you may experience a drastically heightened sense of self-worth.

You may feel closer to God/Source/The Universe and find a deepening sense of faith, trust, and surrendering to life's journey.

The possibilities are truly endless with this work, and the best part about working with me in a 1:1 or couples' container is that everything is completely, intuitively catered to you and your individual needs (& your desires as a couple, where applicable) based on what will serve you for your highest and greatest good.

What Kind of Things Tend to Surface During the Sessions?

While each session varies with regard to what comes up to be looked at and released, the following is a list of experiences and ailments that tend to arise by nature. While your intentions for our work together are your own, the root of the issues you are experiencing may be dated as far back as past lifetimes and contributing to whatever it is we are working on, as well as the ailments listed below.

> Trauma (Past Life, Ancestral, Childhood, General)

> Heart-Walls

> Anxiety

> Unhealthy life Patterns

> Procrastination

> Chronic Pain

> Victimhood

> Inner Critic Stories

> Attracting Unhealthy Relationships

> Resisting Life (Inability to Surrender)

& so much more

My Commitment to you

  • I will always provide you with the highest level of intuitive guidance & healing as I am capable of

  • I will maintain a safe & judgement-free space for you to be vulnerable in

  • I will support you during the natural ups and downs of this journey; celebrating your wins with you & guiding you through the challenges

  • I will listen to & truly hear all that you share with me, and move from a space of intuition & supportive guidance

  • I will gently hold you accountable for implementing new practices & habits as necessary

The Commitment needed from you

  • A willingness to fully commit to your growth & expansion

  • Honesty about everything that surfaces for you so that I may best support you authentically

  • Vulnerability (this becomes easier as time goes on!)

  • A desire to embody new habits and higher vibrational ways of being

  • Openmindedness & curiosity


What modalities do you use?

I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner, and along with this, utilize my own Golden Orb energy extraction/healing modality, as well as my clairvoyant/psychic downloads, channeling, & intuitive coaching.

What does a session entail?

The beauty of this work is that every single session we have will be slightly different from the last. Because it's all intuitively guided, we never fully know what will come up for healing in any given session. However, you can expect an organic combination of the modalities mentioned above, and intuitive guidance and suggested exercises/habits/rituals to begin implementing between sessions.

Does Energy Healing work Remotely?

Yes. Everything is energy. It knows no distance. Our thoughts create frequencies, or vibrations, and by setting intentions we are able to connect energetically to anyone, regardless of the miles between us. In some modalities, such as the Emotion Code, the practitioner connects energetically to the client and then acts as a surrogate in order to perform the work on the client. While energy cannot be created or destroyed, we can move it however we choose.

What do I need to know before committing to this work?

I always remind my clients to stay HYDRATED! This work can be dehydrating and it's important to drink extra water before, during and after sessions. It's also good to have the awareness that traumas often organically surface during these sessions in order to be looked at and released.

What does Energy Healing feel like?

Everyone experiences the movement of energy differently. Some don't experience much somatically at all, while others feel the qi movement within them as temporary lightheadedness, tingles, warmth, tears, etc. After the processing period, the most common thing I hear from clients is how "light" they feel.

What is a "processing/integration" period?

The processing/integration period refers to the time immediately following our sessions, as your energy is recalibrating. After the energy release work, you might feel extra tired or notice surges of emotions surfacing more than usual. Generally this can last approximately 24-72 hours, but it varies on a person-to-person basis. We are doing deep work with the energy body, and the physical body tends needs a little extra time to catch up.

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