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Rose Blossom

Work With Me

If you are feeling called to work with me, I lovingly invite you to explore my current offerings, listed below.

Intuitive Mentorship:
1:1 & Couples

Local Sessions in
Freeport, Maine

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Who Tends to Work with me & Why?

People are drawn to me for different reasons. Some are fellow lightworkers who wish to expand their own intuitive abilities and catapult into their next level of mastery; to reawaken their built-in gifts rather than diving into the next modality certification program. Lately, I've been supporting women into healing and embodying their divine feminine energy. Couples choose to work with me to become more self-aware and to learn to communicate in a more conscious (and therefore effective) way; learning about their masculine and feminine energies and moving through old, subconscious wounds. Still others come to me with a knowingness that they are meant for more than their life currently reflects and are seeking clarity on their life's purpose.

While different desires draw my clients to me, the benefits of working with me are often very similar. When you choose to do the deep dive and face your shadow self, you get to release the energetic weight of old trauma, and you are thereby growing and expanding your very beingness in the most authentic way possible. By nature, your intuition will automatically begin to open up more. You will witness yourself in a new way, with heightened self-awareness. Your compassion for yourself and others will innately grow. You will utilize tools to help you navigate triggers in realtime. You will come into alignment with what your heart and soul truly desire in this lifetime. How beautiful and exciting is THAT?!


“I can't thank Heather enough for the work that we have done together. In the last 4 months, we've expelled lifetimes of trauma, released trapped emotions that prevented me from standing in my highest power, and ultimately broke away the walls around my heart.
Working with Heather is unlike any experience I've ever had. I can't deny that I was initially skeptical, but that quickly went away, and I can confidently say that you will never meet another healer with Heather's magic. Her ability to intuit personal and private memories, thoughts, and experiences is surreal and uncanny.
For years before working with Heather, I had experienced debilitating social anxiety that made it very difficult for me to speak publicly or on camera. As an entrepreneur, that makes expanding your business close to impossible. Within a few weeks after our first session, I had a public speaking engagement, and for the first time in my life, I no longer had the knot in my stomach or a lump in my throat. I felt light and fearless, speaking came effortlessly and the engagement was a hit! And this is just one of the many ways Soul Path Energy Healing helped me dissolve a lifetime of blocks.
Heather's gentle warmth and kindness makes it easy to feel supported and open to the vulnerability that surfaces with deep healing work. Although, during our sessions, I often felt immediate results. To experience her wisdom and prowess as a healer is genuinely a memorable and heartfelt experience I won't forget. Heather has helped me heal my heart and opened me to a world of new possibilities I could've never dreamed of. For that, I'm forever thankful.
If you are considering working with Heather, don't walk; run. You won't regret it.”
-Michaela G.

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