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Women's Wellness Series: Womb Healing Workshop

Tuesday, March 26th from 5-6pm
@ Yoga, Etc., Falmouth, ME

Join Intuitive Energy Healer and Initiated Womb Worker Heather Guernsey for her Womb Healing Workshop, where you will learn about the importance of sacred womb work and how emotional issues often show up physically in the womb space. You will have the opportunity to receive some deep, intuitive energy healing work in a safe and intimate group setting, and will also be guided through a visualization to help remind you of your own abilities to heal your womb space.

Energy exchange is just $44.

What we store in our womb space is astounding & can include:

• Sexual trauma (past or present lifetime)

• Bloodline trauma (usually female bloodline)

• Unprocessed emotions from abortions & miscarriages

• Previous sexual &/or relationship experiences

• Religious conditioning

• Sexual shame/guilt

• & Infinitely more

The ways womb healing can benefit you include

(& are not limited to):

• Feeling more liberated in your own body

• Reducing or eliminating painful sex

• Supporting healthy conception & pregnancy

• Eliminating issues in reproductive system (abnormal paps, cysts, etc.)

• Increasing your ability to be vulnerable

• Deepening intimacy with self & partner

• Reducing period pain/cramps

• Enhancing your connection to God

• Connecting you more deeply to your Power

• & Infinitely more

Curious questions are welcome. Please email if you'd like to connect further. To attend this beautiful workshop, please save your space ASAP via the button below! I look forward to serving you!

*Please note that all those with a womb are welcome, including those who have had a hysterectomy. Your uterus is still very present energetically!


**Trigger Warning: Please note that often times what surfaces to heal in sacred womb work is sexual trauma (among many other things). As this is a possibility, Heather wants to share ahead of time and assure you that this is a warm, welcoming and safe space for you to be energetically held in. All of you is welcome here.

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