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My Story

Hello, Beautiful One. Thank you for your interest in my soul's journey thus far.

Originally I stem from a performing artist background; I was a lifelong ballet dancer, turned Las Vegas showgirl, with a smattering of improv comedy, musical theatre, and professional princess-ing. I currently reside in Southern Maine, where I'm originally from, but my passion for performing led me from Maine, to Cincinnati, Las Vegas, LA, and back again.

After experiencing a profound "dark night of the soul" era in 2019 through a series of events that felt like a crumbling of my then-current reality, I decided that it was time for some major life changes. So I began working with both a life coach and an energy healer in hopes of moving through my feelings of depression and stagnation and finding my life's bigger purpose. And find it, (or, begin to remember it) I certainly did.


Just before moving back to Maine in March of 2020, I became certified in The Emotion Code modality, which I now lovingly refer to as my "gateway modality." It's a beautiful method of energy healing that helped me realize my purpose as a healer, and served as a catalyst for developing my clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. I still work with it in sessions as I'm guided to, and also use my own (channeled) Golden Orb method which is extremely potent; combined with intuitively channeled guidance and other tools that I've picked up along my own journey of growth.


As time went on, I worked with various mentors, healers, gurus and coaches, all of whom continuously redirected me back to my own power (which is also what I strive to do for my clients!). In 2021 I came into relationship with a partner who was perfect on paper but lacked embodiment of his spiritual knowledge. It was a tumultuous, chaotic, and uncomfortable time in my life, where my nervous-system was constantly on edge. I learned a LOT about myself, about my ability to "shush" my intuition in an effort to keep this man in the perfect light I'd painted him in. I also learned what I will not tolerate in a relationship moving forward.


During this time I was introduced to various spiritual concepts, including polarity. The learning I've done since then has given me the clarity I needed to reflect back and realize that the way this particular concept of the masculine/feminine dynamic in a relationship was presented to me was very harmful. I was constantly told how the masc/fem dynamic "should" be in our space by my partner, and watched as he was unable to embody those ways of being himself yet. This left me feeling like a "project" he constantly wanted to fix (which is silly in retrospect as I was consistently doing my own inner work, even when he appeared not to be). And when the relationship came to an end, I was sad, but I felt free. Free to follow my own intuitive guidance regarding my growth without judgement; free to heal my inner feminine since she hadn't felt safe to fully express in so long; free to enjoy life without a constant heaviness in my chest again.

Through that relationship I was gifted my spiritual mentor and one of my closet soul sisters, and as tumultuous as that time was, I wouldn't change a thing. I spent the following weeks and months diving deeply into healing my heart and reflecting on the relationship. I took a pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene's grotto in France. I got clear on SO much. I navigated a lot of ego stories and a LOT of healing.

About seven months later, I was at my cousin's wedding and met my current partner. I wasn't looking for anyone, I was heavily invested in focusing on myself still....but our connection was undeniable. I felt resistance to falling for someone again. My brain created stories of all the reasons why this man might not be right for me. And day by day, story by story, his groundedness, integrity, embodied nature, authenticity and heart have dissipated each "reason" my mind created to "keep me safe," and I fell, so very deeply, in love with him.

Since then, our partnership has grown and continues to flourish in ways I'd only dreamed about 'til now. The intimacy, laughter, joy, and depth that we create together is truly amazing! And so much of it has to do with our vulnerability and ability to communicate. Our space is profoundly safe and sacred. And through the stark contrast of my previous experiences and my current partnership, I've been able to learn so much. Much of what I've lived and learned I now get to bring to the table to support my clients with, and (especially when working with couples) it feels incredible to see them begin to thrive in their own lives & partnerships (if they're currently in one)!

 So. Whether you find yourself in partnership at this time or not, I vow to be a safe and sacred space for you. I promise to support you with care and patience, while shining a light on your blind spots. I intend to support you in moving old energies out of your system, to help you raise your self-awareness and to support you in making new choices that align with the person you wish to become; the person your soul has always intended you to be. Through the work, you will inevitably begin connecting more to your own intuition, your own power and sense of self, and begin opening your heart up in new and beautiful ways.

I look forward to supporting you, Beautiful One!

If my story and work resonate with you, please have a look at my current offerings and see if you'd like to move forward with some mentorship and healing. I would love to connect with you if it feels aligned.
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