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My Story

Hello, Beautiful Being, and thank you for your curiosity about me and my story. While I currently live in alignment with my Soul's mission and highest calling, it wasn't always this way.

I stem from a performing artist background; ballet since I was a young girl until I graduated with my BFA in Ballet Performance from the University of Cincinnati, OH. Upon which, I knew my personality and stage presence were far too big and expressive to want to be in a ballet company, so I auditioned for and booked the last standing, classic Las Vegas Showgirl showgirl show in Vegas at the time. I danced professionally there for close to three years, and then moved to LA to pursue some training in improv comedy at the Groundlings school. Whilst there I was a full-time nanny for a wonderful family. But soon the winds of change came rolling in and I ended up moving back to Las Vegas for several more years, where I performed in a lot of community musical theatre productions and worked several creative jobs, including teaching ballet to children.


But soon I experienced what I now refer to as my "dark night of the soul," leading to my spiritual awakening. I went through a very challenging breakup, was betrayed by a close friend, could not stand my main day job, and wasn't performing much anymore. I realized I was depressed and that there was no longer a reason for me to be in Las Vegas, when most of my family was on the east coast. Something snapped in me, and I decided it was time to change everything about my life. So I got myself a life coach and an energy healer and my journey of awakening began; and so came the realization of my purpose as an intuitive energy healer and guide.


I became certified in the Emotion Code modality and in March of 2020 moved back home to Maine to launch my energy healing business- very divinely orchestrated timing-wise! The Universe guided me to be working remotely with all of my clients, and over the course of my journey over the last couple of years, it's not just my business that has expanded, but my abilities, my healing, my consciousness, and my very self.

I have always actively chosen to receive my own healing work and mentorship from fellow energy workers and coaches, and this is something that I will always continue to do for my own evolution. I have expanded through personal relationships, soul mate relationships, worked with a guru, taken classes and trainings; yet everything has always led me back to the same place: the deep wisdom within myself.


This innate wisdom is something that we all carry within our cells; our intuitive gifts; the ability to see/sense/feel/know/remember in ways outside the five basic senses. These abilities are something that each and every one of us possess; and it is part of my life's mission to remind you of that. When we do the deep dive into the subconscious mind and invite information in through becoming an open channel, we get clarity on what still needs to be healed; on what is blocking you from creating the life of your dreams, or attracting your dream partner, or causing you that "chronic" pain. We get clear on how to best release the stagnant energy be it your own, ancestral or from past lives, that is here to be healed by you.

 I would also like to remind you that while the title that most resonates for me is "intuitive energy healer," I am not the one doing the actual healing work; that is all you, Beautiful One. I am merely the conduit, the vessel, the channel, the guide, to support you through this transformative process. I am here to hold a safe and judgement-free space, to share the wisdom that comes through my channel and to teach from personal experience.

If my story and work resonate with you, please have a look at my current 1:1 offerings and see if you'd like to move forward with some mentorship and healing. I would love to connect with you if it feels aligned.
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