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Your Womb is the key to your
Deepest Healing


Beautiful Soul

My name is Heather Guernsey and I'm an Intuitive Energy Healer & Initiated Womb Worker. I support those with a womb in deep release-work of unprocessed energies that are adding to reproductive and emotional imbalances. SO much of what we carry unknowingly contributes to our anxiety, fear, physical ailments, and guardedness. But what would it be like to step into a more free way of existing? One where you are able to feel safe in your body to more fully experience pleasure and creativity? One where you are able to call in a highly conscious partner whom you feel loved and safe with? One where you have baffled your doctors by clearing reproductive imbalances by the actual emotional root, and no longer need to treat your symptoms?

This is all possible.

I'm Curious

Work with Me

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Stay Tuned for Updated Offerings

I often felt immediate results. To experience Heather's wisdom and prowess as a healer is genuinely a memorable and heartfelt experience I won't forget.


Client Love

My sessions with Heather feel like moments that I will later refer to as life-changing experiences.


Heather is extremely connected to her guides and her intuitive abilities. It is clear when you are working with her that she is connecting to a higher state of being and higher wisdom.


Did you know?
You take on energy from every sexual partner you allow into your womb space. & More often than not, we still carry trauma from past lifetimes in the womb space as well.

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