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Deepen your Intimacy with Life & Embody your Authenticity


Beautiful Soul!

I'm so grateful you found me.

My name is Heather and I'm an intuitive energy healer, clairvoyant psychic and mentor. I support couples and women seeking to expand in life and intimacy through energy releasework & intuitive guidance, cultivating higher levels of self-awareness and growing the ability to live more lusciously and communicate more consciously.

Soul Sister,

I know you. I know you, because I've been you. You know there is a more luscious way of living. Your heart yearns for deep partnership and intimacy, whether you're in a relationship at present or not. You wish to feel safe to express yourself fully and freely but don't quite know how to shift into that new way of being just yet. You sense that the inner work goes far beyond what are considered "mainstream" methods. You crave a balance internally of your masculine and feminine energies and understand the importance of having both. I'm here to support you as you transform into your most authentic self; as you begin to embody who you are on a soul level; what your mission on earth is; and as you come into or evolve your divine union with your counterpart. I guide from my open channel, my psychic clairvoyance, various energy healing modalities, and (this is key) my lived experience.

I'm Curious

Work with Me

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Transformative Mentorship Offerings

I often felt immediate results. To experience Heather's wisdom and prowess as a healer is genuinely a memorable and heartfelt experience I won't forget.


Client Love

My sessions with Heather feel like moments that I will later refer to as life-changing experiences.


Heather is extremely connected to her guides and her intuitive abilities. It is clear when you are working with her that she is connecting to a higher state of being and higher wisdom.


How would it feel to be embodied in your goddess energy? To be comfortable expressing your wild feminine, whether alone or with your partner? How would it feel to let your intuition guide you into deeper levels of self-awareness & to be vulnerable enough to listen?

Here's what's happening on the 'gram..

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