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Welcome, Beautiful One!

Thank you for your interest in my Hotseat Healing/Mentorship giveaway!

Below are the details/requirements to enter. After reading through, if it feels aligned, please enter via the registration box!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am offering a giveaway to 3 committed, brave & vulnerable people who wish to do a mini (30 minutes) deep-dive into their healing work with me, live on Instagram.*

*While the purpose of this demo is to show the power of this work & what it can bring up, please bear in mind that anything that comes to surface to heal that’s particularly intimate will not be shared aloud



• Must be available to tune in for session on one weekday between hours of 11am EST-2pm EST within the first 2 weeks of March


• Only available to those who have not yet worked with me in a 1:1 container

• Must be 18+

You may feel called to enter if any of the following apply to you:

• You have been following my work for a while but haven’t felt ready to commit to a 1:1 container without experiencing my work firsthand

• You have heard about the power of this work through a friend and are curious to see how it can support you

• You are open but a little skeptical, and want to feel it for yourself

• You are currently in the process of choosing your next mentor/healer and want to see if we are a good match

• You want to open up to your own intuition

• You simply want to experience some deep release-work

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