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Natural Cosmetics

Sharing is Caring

Here are some products I use, love and adore! I decided to devote a page to some of the items that have been staples in my well-being, health and mindset. Please use links as directed, and enjoy!

Mantra Moves
Mindset Journal

This beautiful, 60-Day mindset journal is near and dear to my heart, as it was lovingly and intentionally created by a close soul sister of mine, Vanessa Dunn (of Flow with Vanessa). When she first shared her beautiful creation with me, I could feel the good energy pouring out of it! It was created with so much love, attention to detail, and mindfulness. It's a work of art in and of itself; filled with photography by both her partner and herself.


Lasting change occurs in the minute-to-minute decisions we make, and whether you choose to utilize this sacred journal as an additional gem in your standing daily practice, or whether you decide to use it as motivation to cultivate a daily practice, if you use it intentionally and devotionally, you will begin to shift your reality.

AND if you are seeing this before November 6th, 2023, I encourage you to purchase your copy ASAP and join me as I embark on the 60-day experience myself, with all who choose to join me. There is a private Facebook group you will be invited to upon purchasing, where personal shares are welcome, holding one another accountable is encouraged, and connecting with likeminded souls is available to you!


Seacret Skincare

Seacret Image.jpg

I have been using this company's products for over a decade. That's probably all I need to say about that! I am an avid moisturizer, and have yet to find a cream that can hydrate my hands like their Body Butter; or a face cream that feels as luxurious as their Intensive Moisture Night Cream. The magic of these products comes from the Dead Sea minerals used in their formulas. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and I choose wisely about what I put on mine!

Back when I first joined this company and began sharing their products to see if I wanted to build a business, I was able to meet the CEO, Izhak Ben Shabat, who is one of the most kind and humble people I have met to date. 

While the products speak for themselves, the company has taken off in new and beautiful ways and also offers a lifestyle/travel program (Club Seacret) and an extensive nutrition line, in addition to their one of a kind skincare products. If you'd like to learn more, simply visit my contact page to message me! If you'd like to shop their products, please do so by clicking my unique URL via the button below.

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